June, 2013: Filtration System for re-use of collected rain water and surface run-off. Filtration system designed and installed by Rainwater Harvesting Supply Company, LLC. (Original rain water harvesting system installed by Kelpe Contracting.)
Specifications: Retrofit existing rain water harvesting system with filtration system to allow for safe use of athletic field irrigation. (12) 20” progressive canister filters. The original 60,000 gallon rain water harvesting system did not incorporate any filtration for water re-use. The retrofit included pre-assembly of a four bank, three filter progressive filtration unit that was then installed in the existing in-ground pump vault. The filtration system was spliced into the existing pipe scheme and mounted on a site-fabricated galvanized steel structure. Each bank of canisters progressively filters the water beginning at 50 microns down to a final filtration of .35 microns, eliminating 96% of viruses and bacteria as well as suspended solids.