June, 2014. Residential installation collecting water from both sides of an outbuilding for irrigation re-use. Designed, material provided and installed by Rainwater Harvesting Supply Company, LLC.
Specifications: 350 gallon Superbarrel; Rain Catcher inlet filter; knife valve for simple winterization. The Superbarrel is of a unique design shipped in “halves” from Germany. The halves are assembled together on site with a provided rubber gasket and locking wedges. (This tank can also be used indoors (basement) as the halves measure only 32” and will fit through a standard entry door.) Water is conveyed from both sides of the out building via aluminum downspouts. The knife valve simplifies winterization. Overflow porting is carried beyond the landscape edge. Three courses of 4” landscape blocks for the base provide additional height to the tank. This accommodates ease of use and slightly increases gravity flow pressure.