St. Elizabeth Mother of John Catholic Church; St. Louis, MO:
October, 2014. System design and material supplied by Rainwater Harvesting Supply Company, LLC. Installation by Rainwater Harvesting Supply Company, LLC and Colonel Landscaping Services, Inc. The water is used to support a large vegetable garden on the church property. This project is a result of the “model round” Project Clear grant program underwritten by St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD). The model round included 9 projects within a targeted area of the City of St. Louis. Results of this model round will determine some of the criteria for an “open round” of installations which will occur in February of 2015. The open round will be made available to St. Louis City residents, small businesses and non-profit entities within a defined service area of MSD. MSD funded 100% of the model round participants up to a maximum cost of $3,000.00 per project.

Specifications: (2) 500 gallon rain water harvesting tanks; leaf separator; winterization “knife” valve and raised concrete block platform. Water is captured from a portion of the church roof. A calculated amount of water is automatically discharged into the garden area to support the MSD storm water mitigation requirements. The balance of the water is then available for additional garden watering. During the hotter summer months, the automatic mitigation portion can be manually overridden to provide storage capacity for drought condition use. The knife valve simplifies and ensures winterization of the system. The leaf separator at the top of the downspout assembly prevents leaves, twigs and large debris (1/4” or more) from entering the system.

The concrete block platform supports the weight of the tanks (8,500# when full) and provides additional gravity flow height. All blocks are bonded together with construction adhesive and the inside cavities of all blocks are filled with 1” gravel. The storage tanks are anchored to the building and concrete pad for safety and wind resistance. Water from the tanks to the garden depend solely on gravity flow and is ultimately distributed via drip irrigation tubing. A manifold system at the garden area facilitates supplemental watering with potable water when necessary.

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