May, 2013: Commercial installation using rain water for patio garden and re-fill for waterfall. Designed and installed by Rainwater Harvesting Supply Company, LLC.
Specifications: (1) 350 Gallon Superbarrel; Leaf Separator; submersible pressure demand pump; outlet filtration; 4” knife valve. The Superbarrel is of a unique design shipped in “halves” from Germany. The halves are assembled together on site with a provided rubber gasket and locking wedges. (This tank can also be used indoors (basement) as the halves measure only 32” and will fit through a standard entry door.) The leaf separator diverts large debris and prevents entry into the tank. The outlet filter further screens the water of fine particles before pumping to the waterfall level control valve and landscape drip irrigation.  This system also employs the use of a “demand” pressure pump. This submersible (in tank) pump utilizes an integral controller that senses downstream water demand and cycles the pump accordingly. When water is required (either by opening a valve or squeezing a hose nozzle) the pump is activated. When watering demand is terminated, the pump automatically turns off.
A unique challenge of this installation is the distance of the storage tank from the waterfall area. Piping was installed that caries the pumped water up over the top of the building roof, approximately 75’ to the waterfall in the patio area. The piping was also finish painted to match the dark brown color of the building trim.