April, 2009. Wood River, IL: Display home for Rock Hill Trails. Designed and installed by Rainwater Catchment Systems, Inc. Owner is Wellspring Development Company.
Specifications: 2,500 gallon in-ground modular tank with inlet filtration, first flush diverter and submersible pump with yard hydrant.
This system captures water from the roof of a display home in this “futuristic” sustainable Platinum LEED subdivision development. Four downspouts are connected underground after passing through in-ground filtration units. The water is then processed through a buried first flush diverter and into the tank. Overflow is carried away to an existing creek. The water is re-used for site irrigation via a submersible demand pump and surface yard hydrant.
The storage tank is of unique modular design. Manufactured plates are assembled to create “boxes” that equate to 33 gallons each. They are then assembled together in an excavation and wrapped with protective cloth and a rubber liner. A custom access riser is fabricated and set onto the modular structure for pump access. This type of system saves the costs associated with handling and shipping a single large storage tank.