November, 2013. Kansas City private residence storm water control and irrigation re-use system. Material provided by Rainwater Harvesting Supply Company, LLC. Installed by G. Jacobs Excavation, Stilwell, KS. System specifications by Jeffery L. Bruce & Company, LLC.
Specifications: 10,000 gallon in-ground modular storage tank; (2) in-ground basket inlet filters; (1) 8” butterfly diverter valve; 36” diameter x 9’ deep pump vault housing a 2HP irrigation pump, low level shut-off float switch, re-use spin down filter, electrical connections and mechanical low water level make-up valve. Storm water from the residence downspouts and a surface water rain garden are directed to the storage tank via the inlet filters and diverter valve. The butterfly valve allows diversion of the rain garden water from the tank as desired. The stored water is used to irrigate the site vegetation and a small baseball diamond.

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