Residential/Agricultural: Girard, Illinois:
November, 2014. System design and material supplied by Rainwater Harvesting Supply Company, LLC. Installation by Rainwater Harvesting Supply Company, LLC. The harvested rain water of this project is used for landscape irrigation and agricultural research.
Specifications: (2) 1,000 gallon rain water harvesting tanks and (2) 2,500 gallon rain water harvesting tanks; winterization “knife” valves and raised concrete block and poured concrete platforms. The two smaller tanks are located at the end of a large residential garage and collect rain water from the entire roof surface. The water from these tanks will be used to support landscape watering of the residence area. The tanks also incorporate large “cam-lock” hose connections for quick filling of portable “nursing tanks” to support research plant growth. The two larger tanks are mounted at one end of a steel out-building in the research farm area of the property. Water is collected from the entire roof surface of the structure. As with the smaller tanks, these two tanks are fitted with drip irrigation manifolds and cam-lock hose connections. All tanks incorporate knife valves for quick, effective winterization. The “nursing tanks” provided by the owner incorporate drip irrigation distribution manifolds supplied and installed by RHSC. This entire system is designed to operate on gravity feed and requires no pumping system.
The concrete block and poured concrete platforms were constructed by the property owner. The storage tanks are secured to the platforms via ratchet straps and anchors. This site location is susceptible to high winds which could potentially dislodge or move the tanks when empty.

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