May, 2013: Residential installation with pump for watering vegetable gardens. Designed and installed by Rainwater Harvesting Supply Company, LLC.
Specifications: (1) Hercules 430 gallon storage tank; Leaf Separator; 3” knife valve. The Hercules tank is a unique “split” design that comes from Germany in two halves. The halves are assembled on site with a provided gasket and locking tabs. (This tank can be used indoors (basement) as the halves only measure 32” and can be transported through standard man door openings.) The Hercules is also strong enough to be buried in-ground if desired. The Leaf Separator prevents large debris from entering the tank. The knife valve simplifies winterization. The overflow from the tank has been piped into the existing in-ground drain system.
This system also employs the use of a “demand” pressure pump. This surfaced mounted pump utilizes a pump controller that senses downstream water demand and cycles the pump accordingly. When water is required (either by opening a valve or squeezing a hose nozzle) the pump is activated. When watering demand is terminated, the pump automatically turns off.