May, 2014. System design and material supplied by Rainwater Harvesting Supply Company, LLC. Installed by Rainwater Harvesting Supply Company, LLC and Colonel Landscaping Services, Inc. This installation was requested by the stormwater management coordinator of the City of O’Fallon for the purposes of demonstrating proper storm water mitigation through rain water harvesting. This is phase one of a two phase installation.
Specifications: (2) 150 gallon rain column storage tanks; leaf separator; first flush diverter; winterization “knife” valve and raised concrete block platform. Water is captured from a near flat painted steel roof in an industrial environment. This environment strongly suggests the inclusion of the first flush diverter which disposes of the first several gallons of water from the roof. It is likely that this initial “flush” of water will be high in suspended contaminants (dust particles). A calculated volume if water is diverted from the downspout and directed to the drain. The larger vertical pipe fills with the first flush of water and diverts the cleaner water to the storage tanks. This vertical pipe then slowly discharges the dirty water from the large pipe into the drain via the small “C” shaped hose. The flush diverter pipe empties and is available for first flush when the next rain event occurs.
The knife valve simplifies winterization of the system. The leaf separator at the top of the downspout assembly prevents leaves, twigs and large debris (1/4” or more) from entering the system.
The storage tanks are raised on a concrete platform to accommodate gravity flow for plant watering. Each tank has a hose spigot for this purpose. The concrete block assembly is joined using masonry adhesive. The inside cavities of all the blocks are filled with 1” gravel. The top of the platform is finished with 1.5” thick pavers set with adhesive. The storage tanks and all piping are clamped to the building wall for safety and wind resistance. The small footprint of this tank design benefits installation on the sidewalk without obstructing foot traffic.

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